An incorrect status of the wind capture system produces a disastrous effect on the efficiency of the turbine. The repair of the blades, is amortized over six months, and prevents further damage.

IMFutuRe has repaired , inspected and audited more than two thousand blades in the last three years of Gamesa , Acciona , Bonus -Siemens , Suzlon , NegMicon , Desa, General Electric, Vestas , Made, Repower , Ecotecnia and Nordex.

We can repair in heights, repair at the base of the tower, or at our facilities, depending on their needs and on the damage detected. We adapt to your requirements by offering our best option.

We recommend an annual inspection of the blades in the spring and its repair in summer. Incipient damage is much cheaper to repair, and the status of the blades is essential for an adequate assessment of any wind farm.