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MOMA (Maintenance, Operation, Management and Administration)


We can provide the operation and maintenance of the facility, as well as the warranty replacement, and even get the concept of MOMA (Maintenance, Operation, Management and Administration), that we would take on entirely your project, for you.

Within this field, our main areas of action are :

  • Preventive maintenance

Execution of scheduled maintenance activities at the wind turbine, which can be indicated by the manufacturer, or agreed with the property.

  • Inspections

Quality of maintenance inspections carried out in machine and machine inspections.

  • Corrective maintenance

Performance of small corrective tasks in the wind turbine for the resolution of breakdowns.

  • Predictive maintenance

Taking measurements of vibrations to verify the status of the major components.

  • High voltage

Supervision and control of the actions taken by the energy companies in high voltage installations.

  • Blades inspections

Annual inspection of blades for status report, and subsequent repair offering.