Operations and control center


The operation of wind farms from CCO operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is an extraordinary tool to understand the behavior of the installation behavior. With the procedures agreed with the property, and included in our quality system, we apply the strategies defined by each customer for each installation.

IMFutuRe operates wind farms in different formats. In some of them, only one operation is performed, in others, this is integrated with the equipment on guard. IMFutuRe is ready to act when the situation demands it. There is also a support of the delegate office when the SCADA systems of the farm do not respond to the guidelines.

The connection is made with farms by the means indicated by the client, primarily through encrypted links via the internet.

We are making the operation of wind farms in Spain and Portugal, in machines Bonus-Siemens, Suzlon, Gamesa, NegMicon, Made and Ecotecnia.

We recommend that the operation of the farms is carried out internally or by an independent provider, to ensure that accurate information of the farms is transmitted to the property.