To know the status of the major components results in important savings as if problems are detected at an early stage, you can act on them, and often with changes in bearings or inexpensive repairs, catastrophic errors worth thousands of Euros are avoided in multipliers and generators.

IMFutuRe predictive has conducted inspections in more than two thousand five hundred wind turbines Gamesa, Bonus-Siemens, Suzlon, NegMicon, General Electric, Vestas, Made, Repower, Nordex and Ecotecnia and through videoscopes, either through manual systems of vibration in Hanse multipliers, Rexroth, Lohmann + Stolterfoht, Moventas, Valmet, Santasalo, Fellar, Eickhoff, Pujol Muntalá, Echesa, Gamesa, Winergy and Flender.

We recommend the installation of a monitoring system for continuous vibration, allowing to track each turbine, and when there are changes in these, to review it with videoscope to know the extent of the problem and act on it to avoid a catastrophic damage, or if not possible, schedule the change of the large component in a situation of ideal wind to avoid long downtimes.