WINDBOTIX. “Nemo, the best mate for internal blade inspections”

WINDBOTIX. “Nemo, the best mate for internal blade inspections”

WINDBOTIX presents to the market, its new product NEMO, it is a robot to carry out internal inspections of wind turbine blades. This new inspection system is the result of a great process of development and innovation, in which ANSI engineers have collaborated closely with IMFUTURE‘s technical department to design an internal inspection robot, specially conceived to meet the needs of the wind industry, and thanks to its minimum dimensions it is able to inspect the inside of a blade reaching almost its entirety, with the mission of looking for defects in the structural laminate.

Custom and intuitive interface

The system features a custom-developed, convenient control interface, running on a ruggedized MS SURFACE device. All this allows the operator to handle the equipment with great ease and to obtain high resolution images of the detected faults / defects.

Automatic photo tagging

The software developed by ANSI generates the automatic labeling of the images obtained, adding the position of the image in relation to the Z coordinate of the blade. In addition, various automatic report generation options are available, depending on the configuration of the equipment.Currently there have been several real inspection tests in different wind farms in Spain and Portugal, and this month a “beta” unit of the NEMO will be sent to the US so that our partners can evaluate its capacities.

WINDBOTIX is a joint venture between ANSI and IMFUTURE.